Translation of "long" - English-Portuguese dictionary


adjective uk /lɒŋ/

A1 having a large distance from one end to the other

longo, comprido
long hair
long legs
a long dress
→ Opposite short

A1 continuing for a large amount of time

a long movie
→ Opposite short
a long time

A1 a large amount of time

muito tempo
I waited for a long time.
A long time passed without anything happenning.

A2 describes a piece of writing that has a lot of pages or words

longo, comprido
a long book

used when asking for or giving information about the distance or time of something

de comprimento
It’s about three metres long.
The concert was three hours long.
How long was the skirt?
How long is the movie?
be long in the tooth

to be old, often too old to do something

ser muito velho
He’s a bit long in the tooth to be wearing jeans, don’t you think?

(Translation of “long adjective” from the Cambridge English–Portuguese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)