Translation of "sound" - English-Portuguese dictionary


noun uk /saʊnd/ us /sɑʊnd/

A2 something that you hear

som, ruído
I could hear the sounds of the city through the open window.
She stood completely still, not making a sound.
verb uk /saʊnd/ us /sɑʊnd/
sound good, interesting, strange, etc.

A2 to seem good, interesting, strange, etc. from what you have heard or read

parecer bom, interessante, estranho, etc.
Your job sounds really interesting.
sound like/as if/as though

B1 to seem like something, from what you have heard or read

That sounds like a really good idea.
It sounds like you’ve got a sore throat.
sound angry, happy, rude, etc.

to seem angry, happy, rude, etc. when you speak

parecer bravo, feliz, grosseiro, etc.
You don’t sound too sure about it.
adjective uk /saʊnd/ us /sɑʊnd/

good or safe and able to be trusted

bom, seguro
sound advice
adverb uk /saʊnd/ us /sɑʊnd/
be sound asleep

to be in a deep sleep

dormir profundamente

(Translation of “sound” from the Cambridge English–Portuguese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)