Translation of "fine" - English-Russian dictionary


adjective uk /faɪn/ us

A1 well, healthy, or happy

здоровый, хорошо себя чувствующий
"How are you?" "I'm fine thanks. And you?"
I had a cold last week, but I'm fine now.

A2 good or good enough

хороший, достаточный
"Is the soup hot enough?" "Yes, it's fine."

B2 excellent, or of very good quality

fine wines
He's a fine musician.
(that's) fine

A1 used to agree with a suggestion, idea, decision, etc

хорошо! согласен!
"Shall we meet at 8 o'clock?" "Yes, that's fine by me."

thin or made of very small pieces

тонкий, мелкий
fine, brown hair
fine sand
SUNNY mainly UK

B1 sunny and not raining

ясный (о погоде)
If it's fine, we could have a picnic.
the finer details/points, etc of sth

the more detailed or more difficult parts of an argument, idea, etc


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