Translation of "bake" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /beɪk/ us /beɪk/ present participle baking, past tense and past participle baked

A2 to cook something such as bread or a cake in an oven

I baked a cake for the party.

(Translation of “bake” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /beik/

to cook in an oven

cocer al horno
I’m going to bake (some bread) today
She baked the potatoes.

to dry or harden by heat

The sun is baking the ground dry.
baked adjective

cocido; horneado
baked ham
freshly baked bread.
baked beans noun plural

small white beans cooked in tomato sauce and sold in cans

baked beans on toast.
baker noun

a person who bakes

He is a qualified baker
She is a good baker.

a baker’s shop

I need to go to the baker to get some bread.
bakery noun (plural bakeries)

a place where baking is done and / or where bread, cakes etc are sold

I bought some cakes at the bakery.
baking noun

the act or art of cooking bread, cakes etc

Are you good at baking?
baking powder noun

a powder used to make cakes etc rise

polvos de levadura
This sponge cake is very flat – I don’t think you used enough baking powder.
a baker’s dozen noun


docena de fraile
There’s a baker’s dozen of his grandchildren in the photograph.

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