Translation of "cool" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /kuːl/ us /kul/

B1 slightly cold

a cool drink

A2 informal good or fashionable

Cool hat, Maria!

calm and not worried

She seemed very cool before her exam.
verb uk /kuːl/ us /kul/

to become less hot, or make something become less hot

refrescar(se), enfriar(se)
Allow the bread to cool before you eat it.

Phrasal verb(s)

exclamation uk /kuːl/ us /kul/ informal

A2 used when you like something or agree to something

guay, genial
‘I’ll meet you there at 6.00.’ ‘Cool!’

(Translation of “cool” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


adjective /kuːl/

calm or not excitable

tranquilo, calmado, sereno, relajado
He’s very cool in a crisis.

not very friendly

frío, seco
He was very cool towards me.

(slang) great; terrific; fantastic

guay, ¡qué pasada!
Wow, that’s really cool!
You look cool in those jeans!
coolly adverb

tranquilamente, con calma
He coolly and calmly handled what should have been a life-threatening situation.
coolness noun

frescura, frescor; frialdad; serenidad, sangre fría
She managed the situation with admirable coolness.
coolant noun

a liquid or gas which is used to cool something such as an engine or a nuclear reactor

Open the radiator cap and add the coolant.
cool box noun ( cool bag)

(British) an insulated container for keeping food and drink cold, for example when going for a picnic

Nevera Portatil
Use ice packs in the cool box/bag to help keep food cool.
cool-headed adjective

able to act calmly

sangre fría
Surgeons have to remain cool-headed under pressure.
cool down phrasal verb

to make or become less warm

Let your food cool down a bit!

to make or become less excited or less emotional

He was very angry but he’s cooled down now.
keep one’s cool

not to become over-excited or confused

mantener la serenidad/calma, mantener la sangre fría
If you keep your cool, you won’t fail the test.
lose one’s cool

not to keep one’s cool

perder la serenidad/calma
He lost his cool and threw his tennis racquet on the ground.

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