Translation of "deal" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /diːl/ us /dil/

an arrangement or an agreement, for example in business or politics

a business deal
I’ll make a deal with you – you wash the car, and I’ll let you use it tonight.
a good/great deal

If something is a good or great deal, it is of good quality or you think the amount of money you spent on it was right.

una buena compra
That dress is a really good deal.
a good/great deal

a lot

A great deal of time and effort went into organizing this party.
a great deal

a lot

A great deal of time and effort went into organizing this party.
verb uk /diːl/ us /dil/ past tense and past participle dealt

to give cards to players in a game

Whose turn is it to deal?

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noun /diːl/

a bargain or arrangement

trato, acuerdo, pacto
a business deal.

the act of dividing cards among players in a card game.

dealer noun

a person who buys and sells

a dealer in antiques.

the person who distributes the cards in a card game.

dealing noun

(usually in plural ) contact (often in business), bargaining, agreement etc made (between two or more people or groups)

relaciones, transacciones, negocios
fair/honest dealing
dealing on the Stock Market
I have no dealings with him.
deal with phrasal verb

to be concerned with

tratar de
This book deals with methods of teaching English.

to take action about, especially in order to solve a problem, get rid of a person, complete a piece of business etc

abordar, ocuparse de
She deals with all the customer inquiries.
a good deal / a great deal

much or a lot

bastante, mucho
They made a good deal of noise
She spent a great deal of money on furnishing her apartment.

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