Translation of "fashion" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈfæʃ·ən/ us /ˈfæʃ·ən/

A2 the most popular style of clothes or behaviour at a particular time

Long hair is in fashion now.
Fur coats have gone out of fashion.

B1 [ no plural ] the business of making and selling clothes

fashion magazines

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noun /ˈfӕʃən/

the style and design of clothes

women’s fashions
Are you interested in fashion?
(also adjective) a fashion magazine.

the way of behaving, dressing etc which is popular at a certain time

Fashions in music and art are always changing.

a way of doing something

She spoke in a very strange fashion.
fashionable adjective

following, or in keeping with, the newest style of dress, way of living etc

de moda
a fashionable woman
a fashionable part of town.
fashionably adverb

a la moda
a fashionably dressed young woman.
after a fashion

in a way, but not very well

en cierto modo
She can speak French after a fashion.
all the fashion

very fashionable

muy de moda
Long skirts were all the fashion last year.
in fashion


de moda
Tweed jackets are in fashion.
out of fashion

not fashionable

pasado de moda
Long skirts are out of fashion at present.

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