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noun uk /ˈfɪɡ·ər/ us /ˈfɪɡ·jər/

B1 a symbol for a number

Write down the amount in words and figures.

B1 the shape of someone’s body, usually an attractive shape

figura, tipo
That big coat hides her figure.

a person that you cannot see clearly

I could see two figures in the distance.

a particular type of person, often someone important or famous

Kennedy was a major figure in American politics.
verb uk /ˈfɪɡ·ər/ us /ˈfɪɡ·jər/ present participle figuring, past tense and past participle figured

mainly US to expect or think that something will happen

We figured you’d want to rest after your trip.

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noun /ˈfiɡə, (American) ˈfiɡjər/

the form or shape of a person

A mysterious figure came towards me
That girl has got a good figure.

a (geometrical) shape

The page was covered with a series of triangles, squares and other geometrical figures.

a symbol representing a number

cifra, número
a six-figure telephone number.

a diagram or drawing to explain something

The parts of a flower are shown in figure 3.
figurative /-rətiv/ adjective

of or using figures of speech

figurative language.
figuratively adverb

figuradamente, metafóricamente
The word is being used figuratively in this sentence.
figurehead noun

a person who is officially a leader but who does little or has little power

She is the real leader of the party – he is only a figurehead.

an ornamental figure (usually of carved wood) attached to the front of a ship.

figura de proa
figure of speech noun

one of several devices (eg metaphor, simile) for using words not with their ordinary meanings but to make a striking effect.

figura retórica
figure out phrasal verb

to understand

I can’t figure out why he said that.

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