Translation of "flash" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /flæʃ/ us /flæʃ/

to shine brightly and suddenly, or to make something shine in this way

brillar, echar destellos, dirigir
The flashing lights gave me a headache.
The doctor flashed a light into my eye.

also flash up to appear for a short time, or to make something appear for a short time

aparecer brevemente, mostrar brevemente
An icon flashed up on the screen.
noun uk /flæʃ/ us /flæʃ/

a sudden bright light

The bomb exploded in a flash of yellow light.

a piece of camera equipment that produces a bright light when you take a photograph in a dark place

a flash in the pan

a sudden success that does not continue

un éxito pasajero
in a flash

quickly or suddenly

en un pispás
The ceremony was over in a flash.

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noun /flӕʃ/

a quick showing of a bright light

a flash of lightning.

a moment; a very short time

He was with her in a flash.

a flashlight.

flashing adjective

relampagueante, intermitente
flashing lights.
flashy adjective (comparative flashier, superlative flashiest)

(informal ) big, bright etc but cheap and of poor quality

flashy clothes.
flashily adverb

de una manera llamativa
flashlight noun

a (battery) torch.


(often abbreviated to flash) an instrument which produces a sudden bright light for taking photographs.


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