Translation of "flat" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /flæt/ us /flæt/ comparative flatter, superlative flattest

B1 smooth and level, with no lumps or curves

plano, liso
a flat surface

If a tyre is flat, it does not contain enough air.


Flat land is smooth and level, with no high or hollow parts

plano, liso
The countryside around here is very flat.
adverb uk /flæt/ us /flæt/

in a horizontal or level position

de forma plana
Lie flat on your back and relax.
flat out

using all your energy or effort

a todo gas
We’ve all been working flat out to finish the project on time.
fall flat

If an event or joke falls flat, it fails to have the effect that you wanted, such as making people laugh.

All the jokes in his speech fell flat.
noun uk /flæt/ /flæt/

A1 UK US apartment a set of rooms for someone to live in on one level of a building or house

a large block of flats

mainly US UK also flat tyre, US flat tire a tyre that does not have any or enough air in it

rueda vacía

a note that is slightly lower than the note that is shown

a symphony in B flat

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adjective /flӕt/ (comparative flatter, superlative flattest)

level; without rise or fall

llano, plano, liso
a flat surface.

dull; without interest

For some reason the performance was rather flat.

(of something said, decided etc) definite; emphatic

a flat denial.

(of a tyre/tire) not inflated, having lost most of its air

His car had a flat tyre/tire.

(of drinks) no longer fizzy

sin gas
flat lemonade
(also adverb) My beer has gone flat.

(music) slightly lower than a musical note should be

That last note was flat
(also adverb) He was singing a bit flat.
flatly adverb

definitely; emphatically

She flatly denied stealing the brooch.
flatten verb

(often with out) to make or become flat

allanar, aplanar
The countryside flattened out as they came near the sea.
flatmate noun

(British) someone who shares a flat/apartment with one or more other people.

compañero de piso, compañero de apartamento
flat rate noun

a fixed amount, especially one that is the same in all cases

tarifa fija, tarifa plana
He charged a flat rate for the work.
flat out adverb

as fast, energetically etc as possible

a toda pastilla, a todo gas
She worked flat out.

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