Translation of "frame" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /freɪm/ us /freɪm/

B1 a structure that goes around the edge of something, such as a picture or window

a window frame

the main structure of a building or vehicle that other parts are added onto

esqueleto, chasis
a bicycle frame
verb uk /freɪm/ us /freɪm/ present participle framing, past tense and past participle framed

to put something such as a picture into a frame

I’m going to frame this picture.

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noun /freim/

a hard main structure round which something is built or made

armazón, estructura
the steel frame of the aircraft.

something made to enclose something

a picture frame
a window frame.

the human body

cuerpo, constitución
He has a slight frame.
framework noun

the basic supporting structure of anything

estructura, marco
The building will be made of concrete supported by a steel framework.
frame of mind noun

mental state

estado de ánimo
He was found in a confused frame of mind.

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