Translation of "gauge" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb US also gage uk /ɡeɪdʒ/ us

to calculate an amount, especially by using a measuring device

Use a thermometer to gauge the temperature.
I tried to gauge (= guess) the weight of the box.

to make a judgment about something, usually people’s feelings

evaluar, juzgar
A poll was conducted to gauge consumersattitudes.
It’s difficult to gauge how they’ll react.
noun US also gage uk /ɡeɪdʒ/ us

a device for measuring the amount or size of something


a device used to measure the pressure of the air in a tyre

a tyre gauge

specialized engineering the distance between the rails (= the two long metal bars attached to the ground) on a railway line

a narrow-gauge/standard-gauge railway

specialized engineering the thickness of something, especially metal or wire


specialized US UK bore engineering the space inside a pipe or tube, or the diameter of (= measurement across) this space

a narrow gauge
a gauge of 16 millimetres

a way of judging or showing something, especially how successful or popular something is

The fact that the play is being performed on Broadway is a gauge of its success.

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verb /ɡeidʒ/ (also gage)

to measure (something) very accurately

medir, calibrar
They gauged the hours of sunshine.
Technological advancements have allowed astronomers to gauge the distance to the galactic centre/center with increasing accuracy.

to estimate, judge

juzgar, estimar
Can you gauge her willingness to help?

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