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adjective uk /haɪ/ us /hɑɪ/

A2 having a long distance from the bottom to the top

alto → Opposite low

B1 a long distance above the ground or the level of the sea

The village was high up in the mountains.

used to say how long the distance is from the top of something to the bottom

How high is it?
It’s ten feet high.

B1 great in amount or level

a high temperature
high prices
→ Opposite low

B1 very good

of high quality
She got high marks in her last exam.

important, powerful, or at an upper level of something

a high rank in the army

A high sound or note is near the top of the set of sounds that people can hear.

agudo → Opposite low
adverb uk /haɪ/ us /hɑɪ/

B1 at or to a long distance above the ground

He threw the ball high into the air.
We flew high above the city.

B1 at or to a large amount or level

Temperatures rose as high as 40 degrees.

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adjective /hai/

at, from, or reaching up to, a great distance from ground-level, sea-level etc

a high mountain
a high dive
a dive from the high diving-board.

having a particular height

de altura
This building is about 20 metres high
My horse is fifteen hands high.

great; large; considerable

alto; elevado; grande
The car was travelling at high speed
He has a high opinion of her work
They charge high prices
high hopes
The child has a high fever/temperature.

most important; very important

mayor; supremo; alto
the high altar in a church
Important criminal trials are held at the High Court
a high official.

noble; good

bueno, noble
high ideals.

(of a wind) strong

The wind is high tonight.

(of sounds) at or towards the top of a (musical) range

a high note.

(of voices) like a child’s voice (rather than like a man’s)

He still speaks in a high voice.

(of food, especially meat) beginning to go bad.


having great value

importante; de gran valor
Aces and kings are high cards.
highly adverb

very; very much

muy; enormemente
She was highly delighted to receive the award
He has a highly-paid job as a company director
I value the book highly.

with approval

muy bien
He thinks/speaks very highly of you.
highness noun

a title of a prince, princess etc

Your Highness
Her Highness.

the state or quality of being high.

high-chair noun

a chair with long legs, used by a baby or young child at mealtimes.

silla alta para niño
high-class adjective

of high quality

de alta categoría
This is a high-class hotel.
higher education noun

education beyond the level of secondary school education, eg at a university.

enseñanza superior
high fidelity noun

high quality and great accuracy (in the reproduction of sound). See also hi-fi

alta fidelidad
high-handed adjective

done, acting, without consultation of, or consideration for, other people

autoritario, despótico
a high-handed decision
A new headmaster should try not to be too high-handed.
high-handedly adverb

autoritariamente, despóticamente
She was accused of behaving high-handedly.
high-handedness noun

despotismo, tiranía
high jump noun

a sports contest in which people jump over a bar which is raised until no-one can jump over it

salto de altura
He’s competing in the high jump.
highlands noun plural

a mountainous part of certain countries, especially (with capital) of Scotland.

región montañosa; las tierras altas de Escocia
high-level adjective

involving important people

de alto nivel
high-level talks.
highlight noun

the best or most memorable event, experience, part of something etc

punto culminante, guinda
The highlight of our holiday was a trip to a waterfall.
highly-strung adjective

very nervous; very easily upset or excited

nervioso, excitable, tenso
She’s a highly-strung individual.
high-minded adjective

having or showing good or noble ideals, principles etc

noble, altruista, magnánimo, bueno
high-minded ideals of peace and harmony.
high-mindedness noun

nobleza, altruismo, bondad
high-pitched adjective

(of sounds, voices etc) high, sharp

a high-pitched, childish voice.
high-powered adjective

(with an engine which is) very powerful

de gran potencia
a high-powered motorboat/engine.
high-rise adjective

with many storeys/stories

edificio de muchos pisos
She does not like living in a high-rise flat as the children cannot get out to play easily.
high road noun

a main road.

high school noun

a secondary school

instituto, escuela de secundaria
She goes to high school next year.
high-spirited adjective

showing high spirits

brioso; fogoso
a high-spirited horse.
high spirits noun plural

enthusiasm, cheerfulness and energy

con ánimos, de buen humor
He’s in high spirits today.
high street noun

(with capital when used as a name ) (British ) the main street of a town etc , usually with shops etc.

calle mayor
high-tech /ˌhai ˈtek/ noun

(also hi-tech, high technology) the use of advanced machines and equipment in industry

alta tecnología
high tide noun

the time when the tide is farthest up the shore

marea alta
High tide today is at 15.46
They set sail at high tide.
high water noun

the time at which the tide or other water (eg a river) is at its highest point.

marea alta, pleamar
highway noun

a road, especially a large or main road.

carretera; carretera principal, autopista
Highway Code noun

in Britain, (a booklet containing) a set of official rules for road users.

código de circulación
highwayman noun (plural highwaymen)

in earlier times, a man usually on horseback, who attacked and robbed people travelling in coaches etc on public roads.

salteador de caminos, bandido
high and dry adjective

(of boats) on the shore; out of the water

en seco
The boat was left high and dry on the beach.

in difficulties

en apuros
Her husband has left her high and dry without any money.
high and low


por todas partes
I’ve searched high and low for that book.
high and mighty adjective

behaving as if one thinks one is very important

engreído; arrogante
Don’t be so high and mighty – you’re just like any one of us.
the high seas noun plural

the open seas; far from land.

alta mar, mar adentro
it is high time

something ought to be done or have been done etc by now

ya va siendo hora de; ya era hora de
It is high time that this job was finished.
see also tall.

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