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noun uk /ˈdʒʌmb·l/ us /ˈdʒʌm·bəl/

a lot of things together in an untidy group

He looked at the jumble of papers on his desk.
verb uk /ˈdʒʌmbl/ us /ˈdʒʌm·bəl/ present participle jumbling, past tense and past participle jumbled also jumble up

to mix things together in an untidy way

revolver, mezclar
Her clothes were all jumbled up in the suitcase.

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verb /ˈdʒambl/

(often with upor together) to mix or throw together without order

In this puzzle, the letters of all the words have been jumbled (up)
His shoes and clothes were all jumbled (together) in the cupboard.
jumble sale noun

(British ) a sale of unwanted possessions, eg used clothing, usually to raise money for a charity etc.

rastrillo benéfico

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