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verb uk /liːd/ us /lid/ past tense and past participle led

B1 to show someone where to go, usually by taking them to a place

conducir, llevar
You lead and we’ll follow.
She led them down the hall.

If a path or road leads somewhere, it goes there.

conducir, llevar
That path leads to the beach.

to be winning a game

ir ganando
They were leading by eleven points at half-time.

to live in a particular way

He led a normal life despite his illness.

to be in control of a group, country, or situation

dirigir, liderar
Amy was leading the discussion.

Phrasal verb(s)

noun uk /liːd/ us /lid/

the state of winning a competition

cabeza, delantera
She’s in the lead (= winning).
France have a three-goal lead.

the main person in a movie or play

She plays the lead in both movies.

UK US leash a chain, piece of leather, etc. that you attach to a dog’s neck and hold in order to control the dog

Dogs must be kept on a lead.


noun uk /led/ us /led/

the black part inside a pencil


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verb /liːd/ (past tense, past participle led /led/)

to guide or direct or cause to go in a certain direction

llevar, conducir
Follow my car and I’ll lead you to the motorway
She took the child by the hand and led him across the road
He was leading the horse into the stable
The sound of hammering led us to the garage
You led us to believe that we would be paid!

to go or carry to a particular place or along a particular course

A small path leads through the woods.

(with to) to cause or bring about a certain situation or state of affairs

The heavy rain led to serious floods.

to be first (in)

An official car led the procession
He is still leading in the competition.

to live (a certain kind of life)

She leads a pleasant existence on a Greek island.
leader noun

a person who is in front or goes first

The fourth runner is several miles behind the leaders.

a person who is the head of, organizes or is in charge (of something)

líder, dirigente
The leader of the expedition is a scientist.

an article in a newspaper etc written to express the opinions of the editor

He used the leader to criticize the government’s immigration policy.
leadership noun

the state of being a leader

liderato, liderazgo
He took over the leadership of the Labour party two years later.

the quality of being able to lead others; leadership ability

don de mando
The post requires a person who combines leadership and energy
She’s got leadership potential
Does he have any leadership qualities?.
lead on phrasal verb

to deceive with false expectations

engañar, tomar el pelo
He accused her of leading him on.

to go first; to show the way

ir adelante
Lead on!
lead up the garden path

to deceive

He led them up the garden path by persuading them to invest in a bogus company.
lead up to phrasal verb

to progress towards; to contribute to

llevar a, conducir a
the events leading up to the First World War.
lead the way

to go first (especially to show the way)

enseñar/mostrar el camino
She led the way upstairs.

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