Translation of "means" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /miːnz/ us /minz/

plural means a way of doing something

medio, manera
We had no means of communication.

[ plural ] money

We don’t have the means to buy the house.
by no means

not at all

de ningún modo
I am by no means an expert.

(Translation of “means” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun singular or plural /miːnz/

the instrument(s), method(s) etc by which a thing is, or may be, done or made to happen

medio, manera
By what means can we find out?
by all means

yes, of course

naturalmente, por supuesto
If you want to use the telephone, by all means do.
by means of


por medio de, mediante
We escaped by means of a secret tunnel.
by no means

definitely not

de ninguna manera
’Can I go home now?’ ’By no means!

(also not by any means) not at all

de ningún modo
I’m by no means certain to win.

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