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noun uk /maɪnd/ us /mɑɪnd/

B1 someone’s memory and their ability to think and feel emotions

She has a very logical mind.
change your mind

B1 to change a decision or opinion

cambiar de opinión
We changed our minds about selling the house.
make your mind up

B1 to make a decision

I haven’t made up my mind whether to go yet.
bear/keep someone/something in mind

to remember someone or something that may be useful in the future

tener a alguien/algo en cuenta
I’ll keep you in mind if another job comes up.
cross someone’s mind

If an idea crosses your mind, you think about it for a short time.

pasársele a alguien por la cabeza
It crossed my mind that she might not want to go.
have/keep an open mind

to wait until you know all the facts before you form an opinion about something or judge someone

no prejuzgar
We’re keeping an open mind about the causes of the fire.
to my mind

used to emphasize that you are giving your own opinion

según mi parecer
To my mind, the play was disappointing.
have something on your mind

to worry about something

tener algo en la cabeza
Jim has a lot on his mind at the moment.
be out of your mind informal

to be crazy or very stupid

estar chiflado
You must be out of your mind going jogging in this weather.
put/set someone’s mind at rest

to say something to someone to stop them from worrying

tranquilizar a alguien
Talking to the doctor put my mind at rest.
be in two minds

to have difficulty making a decision

no saber qué hacer
I’m in two minds about accepting his offer.
something slips your mind

If something slips your mind, you forget it.

se me, te, etc. olvidó
I’m sorry I forgot your birthday – it just slipped my mind.
verb uk /maɪnd/ us /mɑɪnd/
do you mind…/would you mind…?

A2 something you say when politely asking someone to do something

¿te importa…?/¿te importaría…?
Do you mind not smoking in here, please?
I don’t mind

A2 used to say that a choice is not important when responding to an offer or suggestion

me da igual
I don’t mind which movie we see as long as it’s a funny one.
‘Would you like tea or coffee?’ ‘I don’t mind.’
never mind

A2 used to tell someone not to worry about something they have done or that something is not important

no tiene importancia
‘I didn’t bring enough cash.’ ‘Never mind, you can pay me next week.’

B1 to be angry or worried about something

molestarse, tener inconveniente
Would he mind if I borrowed his book?
I don’t mind driving at night.
mind you

something you say before saying the opposite of what you have just said

aunque a decir verdad
We had a really nice holiday. Mind you, the weather was terrible.

B1 UK something you say when telling someone to be careful with something dangerous

tener cuidado (con)
Mind the iron – it’s hot!

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the power by which one thinks etc; the intelligence or understanding

mente, cabeza, cerebro
She has a very inquiring mind.
-minded suffix

having a (certain type of) mind, as in narrow-minded, like-minded

de mente
mindful adjective (with of)

(formal) aware (of); paying attention (to)

You have to be mindful of everybody’s needs
Mindful of the dangers, he proceeded with caution.
mindless adjective

stupid and senseless

absurdo, estúpido
mindless violence.
mindlessly adverb

mindlessness noun

mindreader noun

a person who claims to know other people’s thoughts.

adivinador de pensamientos
at/in the back of one’s mind

being vaguely aware of something

en lo más recóndito de la mente (de alguien)
In the back of her mind, she knew she couldn’t trust him.
be out of one’s mind

to be mad

estar loco
He must be out of his mind to want to marry her!
do you mind!

used to show annoyance, stop someone doing something etc

¡haz el favor!
Do you mind! That’s my foot you’re standing on!
have a good mind to

to feel very much inclined to (do something)

estar por hacer algo, estar decidido a
I’ve a good mind to tell your father what a naughty girl you are!
have (half) a mind to

to feel (slightly) inclined to (do something)

estar tentado de
I’ve half a mind to take my holidays in winter this year.
in one’s mind’s eye

in one’s imagination

en la imaginación
He could picture the kind of house she lived in in his mind’s eye.
in one’s right mind


estar en su sano juicio
No-one in his right mind would behave like that.
keep one’s mind on

to give all one’s attention to

estar atento, prestar atención
Keep your mind on what you’re doing!
know one’s own mind

(usually in negative ) to know what one really thinks, wants to do etc

saber lo que uno quiere
She doesn’t know her own mind yet about this issue.
make up one’s mind

to decide

They’ve made up their minds to stay in Africa.
mind one’s own business

to attend to one’s own affairs, not interfering in other people’s

meterse en su vida
Go away and mind your own business!
never mind

don’t bother; it’s all right

no importa, da igual, no te preocupes
Never mind, I’ll do it myself.
on one’s mind

making one anxious, worried etc

en que pensar
She has a lot on her mind.
put (someone) in mind of something

to remind (someone) of

This place puts me in mind of a painting I once saw.
speak one’s mind

to say frankly what one means or thinks

hablar sin rodeos, decir lo que uno piensa
You must allow me to speak my mind.
take/keep one’s mind off something

to turn one’s attention from; to prevent one from thinking about

A good holiday will take your mind off your troubles.
to my mind

in my opinion

a mi parecer, a mi juicio, en mi opinión
To my mind, you’re better off working here than in most other places.

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