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noun uk /pɪn/ us /pɪn/

B1 a thin piece of metal with a sharp point used to fasten pieces of cloth together or to fasten an object to cloth

She pricked her finger on a pin.

a piece of jewellery or another small object that is fastened to clothes with a pin

alfiler, broche
verb uk /pɪn/ us /pɪn/ present participle pinning, past tense and past participle pinned

B1 to fasten something with a pin

sujetar con alfileres
She had a ribbon pinned to her jacket.


noun uk /pɪn/ us /pɪn/

abbreviation for personal identification number: a number that no one else knows that allows you to use a plastic card to pay for things or get money from a bank

abreviatura de “personal identification number”: PIN

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noun /pin/

a short, thin, pointed piece of metal used eg to hold pieces of fabric, paper etc together, especially when making clothes

The papers are fastened together by a pin.

a similar but more ornamental object

insignia, pin, alfiler
a hat-pin.
pinball noun

a game that you play on a special machine with a sloping board. Players try to score points by using two buttons at the side to make a ball hit targets and stop it from reaching the bottom and going out of play

Maquina de Pinball
(also adjective) a pinball machine.
pincushion noun

a small cushion or similar object into which pins are pushed for keeping.

pinhole noun

a hole made by a pin.

agujero de alfiler
pinpoint verb

to place or show very exactly

indicar con toda precisión, concretar
He pinpointed the position on the map.
pin-up noun

a picture of an attractive girl (or man), often pinned on a wall

foto de una mujer (o hombre) de bandera
He has dozens of pin-ups in his room
(also adjective) a pin-up girl.

the girl (or man)

mujer/hombre de bandera
She’s the favourite pin-up of the soldiers.
pin down phrasal verb

to make (someone) give a definite answer, statement, opinion or promise

abligar a uno a que concrete; hacer que se comprometa
I can’t pin him down to a definite date for his arrival.
pins and needles noun

a tingling feeling in one’s hands, arms, feet or legs

I’ve got pins and needles in my arm.

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