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noun uk /ˈsen·təns/ us /ˈsen·t̬əns/

A1 a group of words, usually containing a verb, that expresses a complete idea

oración, frase
I wasn’t able to complete my sentence.

a punishment that a judge gives to someone who has committed a crime

sentencia, fallo
He got a three-year jail sentence.
verb uk /ˈsen·təns/ us /ˈsen·t̬əns/ present participle sentencing, past tense and past participle sentenced

to give a punishment to someone who has committed a crime

sentenciar, condenar
He was sentenced to six years in prison.

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noun /ˈsentəns/

a number of words forming a complete statement

’I want it’, and ’Give it to me!’ are sentences.

(legal) a punishment imposed by a law court

a sentence of three years’ imprisonment
He is under sentence of death.
sentence builder noun

a piece of language teaching software that presents learners with sets of words which have to be arranged in the correct order to form a sentence.

Creador de Frases
sentence stems noun plural

a language teaching activity in which learners are given the beginnings of sentences and they have to provide the sentence endings.

Raices de Frases

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