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noun uk /ˈsɜː·vɪs/ us /ˈsɜr·vɪs/

B1 a system that supplies something that people need

financial services
They provide a free bus service from the station.

B1 [ no plural ] the work that people who work in shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. do to help customers

The food was good, but the service was awful.

[ no plural ] extra money that is added to your bill in a restaurant to pay the waiters

cargo por servicio
Does the bill include service?

[ no plural ] the time you spend working for an organization

He retired last week after 25 years’ service.

a religious ceremony

servicio, oficio
Not many people attended the funeral service.

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noun /ˈsəːvis/

the process of serving customers in a hotel, shop etc

You get very slow service in that shop
(also adjective) a service charge on a hotel bill.

the act of doing something to help

servicio, ayuda
He was rewarded for his service to refugees.

the condition or work of a servant

In the last century, many young women went into service
She had been in service as a kitchen maid
He has given faithful service to the church for many years.

a check made of all parts of eg a car, machine etc to ensure that it is in a good condition

revisión, mantenimiento
Bring your car in for a service.

a regular public supply of something eg transport

a good train service into the city.

a regular meeting for worship, or a religious ceremony (in church)

He attends a church service every Sunday.

in tennis and similar games, the act or manner of serving the ball

He has a strong service.

a department of public or government work

the Civil Service.

(often in plural) one of the three fighting forces, the army, navy or air force

fuerzas armadas
He’s in the services.

employment in one of these

servicio militar
military service.
serviceable adjective

(opposite unserviceable)

useful; capable of being used

utilizable, práctico
This tractor is so old it is barely serviceable now.


He walks to school every day, so he must have serviceable shoes.
serviceman noun (feminine servicewoman, plural servicemen, servicewomen)

a person in one of the armed services.

service station noun

a petrol station with facilities for servicing cars etc.

estación de servicio, gasolinera

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