Translation of "snug" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /snʌɡ/ us /snʌɡ/

warm and comfortable

cómodo, abrigado
a snug little house
snugly adverb /ˈsnʌɡ·li/ us /ˈsnʌɡ·li/


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adjective /snaɡ/ (comparative snugger, superlative snuggest)

warm, comfortable; sheltered from the cold

comodo, calentito
The house is small but snug.

(of clothes etc) fitting closely

ajustado, apretado
This jacket is a nice snug fit.
snuggle verb

to curl one’s body up especially closely against another person, for warmth etc

acurrucarse, arrimarse
She snuggled up to her mother and went to sleep.
snugly adverb

tightly and neatly

bien, cómodamente
The gun fitted snugly into my pocket.

comfortably or warmly

The girl had a scarf wrapped snugly round her neck.
snugness noun

bienestar, comodidad

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