Translation of "steam" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun [ no plural ] uk /stiːm/ us /stim/

the gas that water makes when you heat it

verb uk /stiːm/ us /stim/

to cook something using steam

cocer al vapor
steamed rice

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noun /stiːm/

a gas or vapour/vapor that rises from hot or boiling water or other liquid

Steam rose from the plate of soup / the wet earth in the hot sun
a cloud of steam
(also adjective) A sauna is a type of steam bath.

power or energy obtained from this

The machinery is driven by steam
Diesel fuel replaced steam on the railways
(also adjective) steam power, steam engines.
steam- prefix

a vapor
steam-driven / steam-powered machinery.
steamer noun

a steamboat or steamship.

barco de vapor
steamy adjective (comparative steamier, superlative steamiest)

of, or full of, steam

lleno de vapor
the steamy atmosphere of the laundry.
steamboat nouns ( steamship)

a ship driven by steam.

barco de vapor
steam engine noun

a moving engine for pulling a train, or a fixed engine, driven by steam.

motor a vapor
steam roller noun

a type of vehicle driven by steam, with wide and heavy wheels for flattening the surface of newly-made roads etc.

full steam ahead

at the greatest speed possible.

a maxima velocidad
get steamed up

to get very upset or angry

echar humo ( enfadado)
She got really steamed up when she found that someone had taken her parking space.
get up steam

to build up energy ready for effort.

unir fuerzas
let off steam

to release or get rid of excess energy, emotion etc

liberar estrés
The children were letting off steam by running about in the playground.

to release steam into the air.

liberar vapor
run out of steam

to lose energy, or become exhausted

quedarse sin energía
He ran out of steam towards the end of the race.
steam up phrasal verb

to (cause to) become covered with steam

cubierto de vapor
The windows steamed up / became steamed up.
under one’s own steam

by one’s own efforts, without help from others

por su cuenta; por sí mismo
John gave me a lift in his car, but Mary arrived under her own steam.

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