Translation of "storm" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /stɔːm/ us /stɔrm/

A2 very bad weather with a lot of rain or snow and strong wind

Strong storms will hit the coast this evening.
Strong storms will move through Chicago this evening.

(Translation of “storm” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /stoːm/

a violent disturbance in the air causing wind, rain, thunder etc

a rainstorm
a thunderstorm
a storm at sea
The roof was damaged by the storm.

a violent outbreak of feeling etc

A storm of anger greeted his speech
a storm of applause.
stormy adjective (comparative stormier, superlative stormiest)

having a lot of strong wind, heavy rain etc

a stormy day
stormy weather
a stormy voyage.

full of anger or uncontrolled feeling

in a stormy mood
a stormy discussion.
stormily adverb

storminess noun

the storminess of their relationship.
stormbound adjective

prevented by storms from continuing with a voyage, receiving regular supplies etc

inmovilizado por el mal tiempo
stormbound ships.
stormtrooper noun

a soldier specially trained for violent and dangerous attacks.

soldado de las tropas de asalto
a storm in a teacup noun

a fuss made over an unimportant matter

una tempestad en un vaso de agua
Despite all the shouting, the argument turned out to be a storm in a teacup.
take by storm

to capture by means of a sudden violent attack

tomar por asalto, cautivar
The invaders took the city by storm.

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