Translation of "swear" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /sweər/ us /sweər/ past tense swore, past participle sworn

to use rude language about sex, the body, etc.

decir palabrotas
He was sent home because he swore at the teacher.

to promise

I swear I won’t tell anyone.

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verb /sweə/ (past tense swore /swoː/, past participle sworn /swoːn/)

to state, declare, or promise solemnly with an oath, or very definitely and positively

The witness must swear to tell the truth
He swore an oath of loyalty
Swear never to reveal the secret
I could have sworn (= I’m sure) she was here a minute ago.

to use the name of God and other sacred words, or obscene words, for emphasis or abuse; to curse

Don’t swear in front of the children!
sworn /swoːn/ adjective

(of friends, enemies etc) (determined, as if) having taken an oath always to remain so

declarado; (traductor u otro cargo tomado bajo juramento) jurado
They are sworn enemies.

(of evidence, statements etc) given by a person who has sworn to tell the truth

bajo juramento
The prisoner made a sworn statement.
swear word noun

a word used in cursing

palabrota, taco, grosería
’Damn’ is a mild swear word.
swear by phrasal verb

to appeal to (eg God) as a witness of one’s words

jurar por
I swear by Heaven that I’m innocent.

to put complete trust in (a remedy etc)

tener una fe absoluta (en), creer ciegamente (en)
She swears by aspirin for all the children’s illnesses.
swear in phrasal verb

to introduce (a person) into a post or office formally, by making him swear an oath

tomar juramento a
The new Governor is being sworn in next week.
swear to phrasal verb

to make a solemn statement, with an oath, in support of

jurar; poner la mano en el fuego
I’ll swear to the truth of what he said
I think he was here this morning, but I wouldn’t like to swear to it.

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