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noun uk /tɜːm/ us /tɜrm/

A2 one of the periods of time that the school or university year is divided into

We’ve got a test at the end of term.

a word or phrase that is used to mean a particular thing


a fixed period of time

plazo, período
a prison term
Senators serve a six-year term.

A2 one of the periods of time that a school or college year is divided into

The fall term starts September 7.
in the short/long term

over a period of time that continues for a short time or a long time into the future

a corto/largo plazo
In the short term we do not expect an improvement in sales.
terms [ plural ]

the rules of an agreement

in… terms

used to explain which part of a situation you mean

en términos…
In financial terms, the project was not a success.
come to terms with something

to accept a sad situation

asumir algo
He still hasn’t come to terms with his brother’s death.
not be on speaking terms

to not speak to someone because you have argued with them

no hablarse

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noun /təːm/

a ( usually limited) period of time

período, etapa
a term of imprisonment
a term of office.

a division of a school or university year

trimestre (tres meses); cuatrimestre (cuatro meses); semestre (seis meses)
the autumn term.

a word or expression

Myopia is a medical term for short-sightedness.
terms noun plural

the rules or conditions of an agreement or bargain

They had a meeting to arrange terms for an agreement.

fixed charges (for work, service etc)

The firms sent us a list of their terms.

a relationship between people

They are on bad/friendly terms.
come to terms

to reach an agreement or understanding

llegar a un acuerdo/arreglo/entendimiento
They came to terms with the enemy.

to find a way of living with or tolerating (some personal trouble or difficulty)

aprender a vivir con algo, aceptar; adaptarse
He managed to come to terms with his illness.
in terms of

using as a means of expression, a means of assessing value etc

desde el punto de vista de, en función de
He thought of everything in terms of money.

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