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noun uk /test/ us /test/

A1 a set of questions to find out how much someone knows or how well they can do something

a driving test
You have to take a test.

B1 a short medical examination of part of your body or of something such as blood that is taken from your body

a blood test
The doctors have done some tests to try to find out what’s wrong with her.
verb uk /test/ us /test/

B1 to give someone a set of questions in order to find out how much they know or how well they can do something

You’ll be tested on all the subjects we’ve studied this term.

to do a medical examination of part of someone’s body

hacer pruebas de
I’m going to get my hearing tested.

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noun /test/

a set of questions or exercises intended to find out a person’s ability, knowledge etc; a short examination

prueba, examen, test

something done to find out whether a thing is good, strong, efficient etc

prueba, examen, test; análisis (de sangre)
a blood test.

an event, situation etc that shows how good or bad something is

a test of his courage.

a way to find out if something exists or is present

ensayo, prueba
a test for radioactivity.

a test match.

partido internacional
test match noun

in cricket, (one of) a series of matches between teams from two countries.

partido internacional
test pilot noun

a pilot who tests new aircraft.

piloto de pruebas
test-tube noun

a glass tube closed at one end, used in chemical tests or experiments.

tubo de ensayo

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