Translation of "trade" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /treɪd/ us /treɪd/

B1 [ no plural ] the buying and selling of large numbers of things, especially between countries

a trade agreement

someone’s job

He’s a builder by trade.

a type of business

the tourist trade
verb uk /treɪd/ us /treɪd/ present participle trading, past tense and past participle traded

to buy and sell things, especially between countries

Do you trade with Asia?

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noun /treid/

the buying and selling of goods

Japan does a lot of trade with Britain.

(a) business, occupation, or job

negocio; industria
He’s in the jewellery trade.
trader noun

a person who trades

a market trader
trademark noun ( tradename)

an officially registered mark or name belonging to a particular company, and not to be used by anyone else, that is put on all goods made by the company.

marca registrada
tradesman /ˈtreidz-/ noun (tradesmen)

a shopkeeper.


a workman in a skilled job

trade union noun ( trades union)

( British ) a group of workers of the same trade who join together to bargain with employers for fair wages, better working conditions etc ; labor union ( American)

Are you a member of a trade union?
trade unionist noun ( trades unionist)

( British) a member of a trade union.

sindicalista; sindicalismo
trade unionism noun ( trades unionism)

trade wind noun

a wind that blows towards the equator (from the north-east and south-east)

viento alisio
The trade winds keep the surface water of the Eastern Pacific cool.
trade in phrasal verb

to give (something) as part-payment for something else

dar como parte del pago, dar como entrada
We decided to trade in our old car and get a new one ( nountrade-in).

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