Translation of "wall" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /wɔːl/ us /wɔl/

A1 one of the sides of a room or building

pared, muro
There were several large paintings on the wall.

A1 a structure made of brick or stone that divides different areas

a prison wall
a garden wall

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noun /woːl/

something built of stone, brick, plaster, wood etc and used to separate off or enclose something

muro, tapia, muralla; pared
There’s a wall at the bottom of the garden
The Great Wall of China
a garden wall.

any of the sides of a building or room

One wall of the room is yellow – the rest are white.
walled adjective

amurallado, fortificado; tapiado
a walled city.
-walled suffix

having (a certain type or number of) wall(s)

de paredes/muros…
a high-walled garden.
wallpaper noun

paper used to decorate interior walls of houses etc

papel pintado
patterned wallpaper
My wife wants to put wallpaper on the walls, but I would rather paint them.
wall-to-wall adjective

(of a carpet etc ) covering the entire floor of a room etc

de pared a pared; (alfombra) moqueta
wall-to-wall carpeting.
have one’s back to the wall

to be in a desperate situation

estar/encontrarse entre la espada y la pared
The army in the south have their backs to the wall, and are fighting a losing battle.
up the wall


This business is sending/driving me up the wall!

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