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accessnoun [ U ]

uk /ˈæ us /ˈæ

access noun [ U ] (GETTING NEAR)

B1 the method or possibility of getting near to a place or person:

The only access to the village is by boat.
The main access to (= entrance to) the building is at the side.
The children's father was refused access to them at any time (= refused official permission to see them).

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accessverb [ T ]

uk /ˈæ us /ˈæ

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“access” in American English

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accessnoun [ U ]

us /ˈæk·ses/

the method or way of approaching a place or person, or the right to use or look at something:

Without an official pass, the guards will deny you access to (= will not let you enter) the courthouse.

Access to something can also mean the opportunity or ability to use it:

Many of the families do not have access to health care.

accessverb [ T ]

us /ˈæk·ses/

to get information, esp. when using a computer:

People now can access information from the Internet as never before.

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“access” in Business English

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accessnoun [ U ]

uk /ˈækses/ us

the right or opportunity to use or receive something:

get/have/provide access to sth Community radio stations have access to public funding.
Everyone is entitled to fair access to employment.

the right or ability to look at documents and information:

allow/grant/give sb access to sth She was granted access to the official archives.
gain access to sth You can gain access to your records via this website.
deny/restrict access to sth They planned to restrict access to their website content with the use of a subscription system.
Merchants have online access to their product data.
Auditors have unrestricted access to all records.

IT the ability to use a system such as the internet, or the way in which you can do this:

access to sth Do you have access to the internet?
Business travellers expect free internet access.

the method or possibility of getting to or entering a place:

access to sth The site has easy access to the motorway.
The premises are equipped for disabled access.

COMMERCE the right or ability to buy and sell goods in a particular country or market:

access to sth Our website gives us access to global markets.

BANKING the right to use a bank account, or to remove money from a bank account or an investment:

access to sth Some accounts allow instant access to your savings.

LAW the legal right to see your child or children, or other family member, especially after a divorce:

access to sb Many fathers go to court to seek access to their children.

accessverb [ T ]

uk /ˈækses/ us

IT to open a computer file or to use a computer system such as the internet:

Many users now access the internet via their mobile phones.
I can access my email remotely.

BANKING to look at a bank account, and be able to move money into or out of it:

You can access your account online or by phone.

to be able to get or use something, especially a service:

We advise staff on how to access appropriate training.

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There are other key aspects such as access to education, the overturning of social stereotypes, the issues and difficulties facing women in rural communities, which we cannot ignore.
Protection of privacy has also been a priority, as has child protection: access providers must provide customers with free parental control software.
I believe that access to clean drinking water without charge is a basic human right in the developed as well as the developing world.
As of next year, those in power in my country want there to be full and unconditional access to all log-files and exchanged electronic messages from every single computer.
Not only is the entire female population denied access to education, but women are not allowed to take up independent work.
Reciprocal access to both sides' procurement markets would not only mean savings for public budgets but also provide huge business opportunities.
I want to reiterate the need to promote widely the results of successfully completed projects so that more companies can access and, where possible, use them.
Behind the regulations was a political objective of ensuring growth, employment and competitiveness and of giving everyone access to the information society while ensuring adequate legal protection.
In addition, access to emergency services through 112 may be blocked in case of repeated misuse by the user and 112 will be more accessible to people with disabilities.
Every participant will also have full access to health services and social security, therefore allowing as many of our young people as possible to become involved.