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uk /eɪd/ us /eɪd/

[ U ] help or support:

He gets about with the aid of a walking stick.
She went to the aid of a man trapped in his car.
A woman in the street saw that he was in trouble and came to his aid.

C1 [ C ] a piece of equipment that helps you to do something:

teaching aids, such as books and videos
A thesaurus is a useful aid to writing.

C1 [ U ] help in the form of food, money, medical supplies, or weapons that is given by a richer country to a poorer country:

The Vatican has agreed to donate $80,000 in humanitarian/emergency aid to countries affected by the war.
About a fifth of the country's income is in the form of foreign/overseas aid.
in aid of sb/sth C1 UK

in order to collect money for a group of people who need it:

a concert in aid of famine relief

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aidverb [ T ]

uk /eɪd/ us /eɪd/

C1 to help:

Huge projects designed to aid poorer countries can sometimes do more harm than good.
His excuse for drinking brandy is that it's said to aid digestion.
aid and abet sb specialized or humorous

to help someone to do something illegal or wrong:

Three auditors were accused of aiding and abetting the men charged with fraud.

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“aid” in American English

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aidnoun [ C/U ]

us /eɪd/

help or support, or something that provides it:

[ U ] He gets around with the aid of a cane.
[ U ] She went to the aid of a man trapped in his car.
[ C ] A good dictionary can be a useful aid to understanding a new language.

Aid is often used to refer to help given in the form of food, money, medical supplies, etc., to a country or group of people that is in need or because of an emergency:

[ U ] Aid for the flood victims was on the way.

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“aid” in Business English

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aidnoun [ U ]

uk /eɪd/ us

money, food, medicine, or other supplies that are sent to people or countries who need them because of a difficult situation:

appeal for/ask for/seek aid The government has already appealed for 800,000 tonnes of food aid to feed its starving population.
economic/emergency/humanitarian aid
get/receive/accept aid Victims of the flood can receive aid at one of the 19 emergency aid stations set up by the state.

help or support:

give/provide/send aid to sb Lawmakers say the plan will create 1 million jobs and provide comfort and aid to the poor.
come to the aid of sb The Bureau will come to the aid of any homeowners pursuing an insurance claim.
government/public/state aid Under the plan, state aid to local businesses would drop by $6.6 million.

aidverb [ I or T ]

uk /eɪd/ us

to help or support someone or something:

Better training policies and new technologies are aiding disabled people in the workplace.
aid in (doing) sth An additional team of contractors was hired to aid in the plant's construction.
aid and abet

LAW to help someone do something that is illegal:

Prosecutors argued that he aided and abetted in illegal drug cultivation and sale.

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