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us /ɔlˈbi·ɪt, æl-/

despite the stated thing; although:

The nation is adapting, albeit slowly, to the new global economy.

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The present statement is therefore a step in the right direction, albeit only the first of what need to be quite a few such steps.
Because nobody likes to be occupied, the existence of such an army is accepted by a majority of people, albeit often with doubt or reluctance.
I endorse the rapporteur’s position that this must be an open-ended process, without a predetermined outcome, albeit a process that does point towards accession.
I am convinced that not adopting protectionist measures has led to a better, albeit slow, recovery from the economic crisis we are currently experiencing.
I would now like to say something about the most important decision that has to be taken, about which you have already had a debate, albeit in the margins.
A great deal has changed in recent months and we can therefore be optimistic, albeit in a critical and vigilant way.
Now, though, it seems to be once again the case that one form of guardianship has simply been replaced by another, albeit a more subtle one.
We abstained rather than voting against the motion, purely because we did not want to oppose the - albeit ludicrously inadequate - aid envisaged.
Moreover, our continent suffers the direct environmental effects of the emission of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and volatile organic substances and, albeit to a lesser extent, ammonia.
Packaging only plays a minor, albeit visible, role in the environmental problem and is a source of irritation to many people.