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uk /ɔːlˈðəʊ/ us /ɑːlˈðoʊ/

B1 despite the fact that:

She walked home by herself, although she knew that it was dangerous.
He decided to go, although I begged him not to.

B1 but:

He's rather shy, although he's not as bad as he used to be.
She'll be coming tonight, although I don't know exactly when.

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“although” in American English

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us /ɔlˈðoʊ/

despite the fact that, or despite being:

He decided to go, although I begged him not to.

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Although women obtain better results than men in the field of education, there is still a pay inequality between genders in the labour market.
The obvious point of departure for legislation should be that polluters or consumers pay, although exemptions would be permitted in extreme cases.
Firstly, although much progress has been made, and we could mention customs administration, bank administration or tax administration, it is true that we must continue to move forward.
Postponing this until 2010 would not make much difference, although that would undoubtedly give us more time to find less damaging solutions.
Although such measures can never be an alternative for good management, they must be an escape valve when something goes wrong.
Although it may have some spillover effect in the not too far distant future to third countries, we are not having a world-wide effect.
Although 80% of businesses say that they are preparing for the euro and its introduction, objectively speaking at most 25% are making concrete preparations.
I feel that, although this is a very specific issue, it nevertheless deserves our utmost consideration and is of great concern to us.
They continued to claim that they were only expressing an opinion, although they knew very well that their ratings were, in fact, being used as a seal of approval.
Although experts have been in agreement on this for quite some time, the message has only recently got through to the political sphere, after considerable time and effort.