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Definition of “ask” - English Dictionary

Definition of "ask" - American English Dictionary

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 us   /æsk/


[I/T] to ​state a ​question to someone, or to ​request something from someone: [T] Can I ask you a ​question? [T] If you are asking me if I was ​foolish, yes, I was ​foolish. [+ question word] We ​kept asking why he had done it. [+ question word] He asked how much the ​necklacecost. [I] He asked for more ​time to ​repay the ​loan. [T] You should ask ​yourlawyer for ​advice. [T] I’d like to ask ​youradvice on a ​financialmatter. [+ to infinitive] I asked to ​see my ​accountant. "How much ​time do we have ​left?" he asked. [I] Our ​neighbors are ​sellingtheirhouse, but I don’t ​know how much they’re asking for it (= how much they ​want for it).

ask verb (INVITE)

[T] to ​invite someone to go ​somewhere: "Are you going to Michelle’s ​party?" "No, I haven’t been asked." Megan’s asked us over for ​dinner next ​Friday.
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Definition of "ask" - British English Dictionary

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uk   /ɑːsk/  us   /æsk/

ask verb (QUESTION)

B1 [I or T] to put a ​question to someone, or to ​request an ​answer from someone: [+ two objects] She asked me a ​question. She asked a ​question aboutWelshhistory. She asked me aboutWelshhistory. She asked aboutWelshhistory. [+ question word] I've no ​idea what ​time the ​trainleaves. Ask the ​guard whether he ​knows. I asked the ​guard the ​time of the train's ​departure. I asked when the ​train would ​leave. [+ speech] "What ​time does the ​trainleave?" I asked.ask yourself sth C2 to ​consider something ​carefully: She ​needs to ask herself why nobody ​seems to like her.
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ask verb (REQUEST)

B1 [I or T] to ​speak or write to someone saying that you ​want them to do something, to give you something, or to ​allow you to do something: If you need any ​help, ​please don't ​hesitate to ask. She asked (her ​manager) if/whether she could ​leave early to ​pick up the ​kids. I asked tosee my ​accountant. You should ask (​youraccountant) for some ​financialadvice. [+ to infinitive] You should ask ​youraccountant to give you some ​financialadvice. Can I ask you a ​favour?/formal Can I ask a ​favour of you? I'd like to ask ​your advice/​opinion on a ​financialmatter. You have to ask permission to ​leave.formal We ask that any ​faultygoods be ​returned in ​theiroriginalpackaging. [+ that] formal The ​solicitor asked that her ​client be ​allowed to make a ​phonecall.

ask verb (INVITE)

A2 [T] to ​request or ​invite someone to go ​somewhere with you or to come to ​yourhome: UK I've asked David to the ​party. [+ to infinitive] US I've asked David to come to the ​party. "Are you going to Muriel's ​party?" "No, I haven't been asked." Jorge has asked us over fordinner next ​Friday.UK Ian's asked us round to/fordinner next ​Friday. In ​fact they've asked us tostay for the ​wholeweekend.
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ask verb (EXPECT)

[T] to ​expect or ​demand something: Greg's asking (= ​expecting to be ​paid) £250,000 for his ​house. He asks too much of me - I can't always be there to ​help him. It's asking a lot when ​yourbosswants you to ​workweekends as well as ​evenings.
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Definition of "ask" - Business English Dictionary

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askverb [T]

uk   us   /ɑːsk/
to ​state the ​price that you want for something that you are ​selling: ask sth for sth What is he asking for his ​share of the ​business?
ask sb for interview HR to ask someone to come and see you so that you can give them an interview for a ​job: Of the 150 ​candidates, we asked six for ​interview.
ask sb to leave HR to make someone ​leave their ​job: be asked to leave They said I had ​breachedconfidentialityrules, and I was asked to ​leave.
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