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assessmentnoun [ C or U ]

uk /əˈses.mənt/ us /əˈses.mənt/

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assessmentnoun [ C or U ]

/əˈsesmənt/ uk us

the process of considering all the information about a situation or a person and making a judgement:

conduct/give/make an assessment The first thing you must do is make an assessment of the situation.
a detailed/thorough assessment They intend to conduct a more detailed assessment of potential clients.
initial/preliminary assessment According to our initial assessment, progress was considerably slower than had been predicted.
They have asked for an independent safety assessment of the factory.

the process of considering the amount or value of something, or the decision that is made:

carry out/make an assessment The lender will send out a valuer or surveyor to make an assessment of the property.
If you disagree with our assessment, you have the right to appeal.

also tax assessment TAX the process of calculating how much tax someone must pay, or the amount that must be paid:

Much of the responsibility for tax assessment was passed to the taxpayer.
We may alter an assessment up to two years after tax became due.

HR the process of testing, and making a judgement about , someone's knowledge, ability, skills, etc.:

The diploma will be awarded based on a final exam and continuous assessment throughout the course.
Every new employee will need to take an English-language assessment test.

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The proposal is also relevant for the assessment of national allocation plans under the proposed emissions trading directive, which is going through at the moment.
We cannot go back to the scientism of the 1960s and industrial policies that included no risk assessment or ecology, which are the very foundation of the twenty-first century.
We have made a lot of pronouncements this afternoon, but there has been no clear assessment of the importance of bushmeat in people's livelihoods.
Our assessment is based on several indicators.
We are renewing the commitment to improving the quality of legislation and to establishing procedures for pre-legislative consultation and impact assessment.
To this end, environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment should be used when developing activities, plans and programmes, as they are much more appropriate instruments.
We also acknowledge that small - but equally deserving - applicants have been disadvantaged in the past by the arcane nature and length of the assessment process.
I do not want to deny, though, that there are differences - some of them major ones - as regards the assessment of the situation and the choice of the appropriate instruments.
The impact assessment concluded that a framework directive based on full harmonisation would be the most effective way to remove barriers to cross-border retail trade.
Moreover, an assessment of any possible effect of residues on public health is a prior condition for setting maximum levels of pesticide residues in food.