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assistverb [ I or T ]

uk /əˈsɪst/ us /əˈsɪst/ formal

B2 to help:

The army arrived to assist in the search.
You will be expected to assist the editor with the selection of illustrations for the book.
assist the police with/in their inquiries UK

If someone is assisting the police with their inquiries, it usually means they have been taken to the police station to be asked questions about a crime.

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assistnoun [ C ]

uk /əˈsɪst/ us /əˈsɪst/ specialized

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assistverb [ I/T ]

us /əˈsɪst/

to take action to help someone or support something:

[ T ] The company said it would assist workers in finding new jobs.
[ I ] No one knew where my grandfather was, and many came to assist in the search.
noun [ U ] us /əˈsɪs·təns/

With some financial assistance, we’ll be able to start our own business.

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“assist” in Business English

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uk /əˈsɪst/ us

[ I or T ] to help somebody or help with something:

assist (sb) with sth The coordinator will assist the director with all aspects of event-planning.
assist (sb) in doing sth The prospectus provides detailed information that will assist investors in making informed decisions.
The accused denies the charge of assisting an offender.
Investment in transport will assist growth in the economy.
The fees will assist in paying off the 260m pounds debt accrued.

[ T ] to help something develop or happen by providing money, support, etc.:

be assisted by sth Redevelopment of the new facility has been assisted by 2.5 million dollars of public funding.
assist the police with their inquiries

an expression that is used to refer to the fact that someone has been taken to a police station to be asked questions about a crime, but that they have not yet been accused of the crime:

Two men have been detained in connection with the suspected fraud and are at present assisting police with their inquiries.

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