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“ban” in British English

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banverb [ T usually passive ]

uk /bæn/ us /bæn/ -nn-

B2 to forbid (= refuse to allow) something, especially officially:

The film was banned (= the government prevented it from being shown) in several countries.
[ + from + -ing verb ] She was banned from driving for two years.

More examples

  • The council plans to ban circuses with performing animals.
  • The proposed new law would ban picketing.
  • The council is making a move to ban traffic in some parts of the city.
  • Certain chemicals have been banned because of their damaging effect on the environment.
  • He's been banned from driving for six months.

bannoun [ C ]

uk /bæn/ us /bæn/

B2 an official order that prevents something from happening:

There should be a ban on talking loudly in cinemas.

More examples

  • The ban on media reporting during the election has made some people question the fairness of the election .
  • The severe drought has led to a hosepipe ban in eastern England.
  • The council has imposed a ban on alcohol in the city parks.
  • The British Medical Association is/are campaigning for a complete ban on tobacco advertising.
  • At last they've lifted the ban on jeans at the club.

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“ban” in American English

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banverb [ T ]

us /bæn/ -nn-

to forbid someone to do something or forbid an action:

The bill would ban drivers from using hand-held phones.
noun [ C ] us /bæn/

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“ban” in Business English

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bannoun [ C ]

uk /bæn/ us

an official order that prevents someone doing something, or something from happening:

ban on sth The police are enforcing the state's ban on the sale of fireworks.
impose/enforce/lift a ban They have now lifted the ban on the export of live animals to Europe.

banverb [ T ]

uk /bæn/ us -nn-

to say officially that something is not allowed, or that someone is not allowed to do something:

The law bans the import of ivory into the country.
ban sb/sth from doing sth A number of airlines were banned from operating to the UK.

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