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consensusnoun [ S or U ]

uk /kənˈsen.səs/ us /kənˈsen.səs/

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consensusnoun [ C/U ]

us /kənˈsen·səs/

a generally accepted opinion; wide agreement:

They’re trying to build a consensus on the need to improve the city’s schools.

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“consensus” in Business English

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consensusnoun [ S or U ]

uk /kənˈsensəs/ us

a generally accepted opinion among a group of people:

The consensus among City economists is that interest rates will be held at 1%.

agreement among a group of people:

consensus on/about sth Achieving an international consensus on these issues is proving difficult.
a general/broad/growing consensus There is a growing consensus about the best methods for reducing carbon emissions.
reach/build/agree a consensus Our top priority must be building a consensus with legislators.
The process of taking decisions by consensus can be fraught with difficulty.

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Everyone involved agreed on this consensus.
In my opinion, it would be good if we could achieve consensus at the international level regarding certain basic principles of competition law.
We must look within ourselves for a new consensus and strive to regain the confidence of our citizens, but we must also look outwards towards our global responsibilities and opportunities.
I am pleased to find that these conclusions have met with a very broad consensus within the political and parliamentary groups.
However, in all events, we need to operate here not on the basis of my personal wishes but on the basis of political consensus.
I am glad to say that this report responds to a broad consensus among all citizens, which was reflected particularly clearly in the almost unanimous vote at first reading.
Let us talk together, so that we are not always coming up with the minimum of consensus, but can get the legislative work done.
Along with any reaction we choose, we consider support for global security, mutual trust, cooperation, consensus in international organisations, alliances and networks to be vital.
The group was given the challenging remit of reaching consensus on ways of improving the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industry in the context of achieving social and public health objectives.
The desire of some of them to withdraw from this consensus not only fills me with concern, but it is also dangerous.