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contributeverb [ I or T ]

uk /kənˈtrɪb.juːt/ /ˈkɒn.trɪ.bjuːt/ us /kənˈtrɪb.juːt/ us

B2 to give something, especially money, in order to provide or achieve something together with other people:

Aren't you going to contributetowards Jack's leaving present?
Come to the meeting if you feel you have something to contribute.
Her family has contributed $50,000 to the fund.

C1 to write articles for a newspaper, magazine, or book:

She contributes to several magazines.

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contributeverb [ I/T ]

us /kənˈtrɪb·jut, -jət/

to help by providing money or support, esp. when other people or conditions are also helping:

[ I ] Tourism contributes substantially to the local economy.

If you contribute something you wrote or created, you allow it to be published or shown with pieces by other people:

[ T ] She soon began to contribute articles to newspapers and magazines.

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uk /kənˈtrɪbjuːt, ˈkɒntrɪbjuːt/ us

[ I ] to be one of the reasons why something happens:

contribute to/toward/towards sth Analysts agree that subprime loans contributed to the recession.

[ I or T ] to add new plans or ideas, or help make improvements to something so that it becomes more valuable or successful:

Employees are encouraged to contribute at staff meetings.
There are a number of people who have contributed ideas.
contribute to/toward/towards sth It's best when leaders are clear about how they can best contribute to the overall strategy.

[ I or T ] to provide money or support to help another person, company, or organization to achieve its goal:

contribute to/toward/towards sth At present, only 10% of employers contribute towards childcare costs.
contribute sth to/toward/towards sth Over £75 million was contributed to the campaign.

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Therefore, we must be particularly sensitive to those countries which have recently embraced democracy and the defence of those values and which wish to contribute to their common defence.
In his report, the rapporteur has done well to highlight a series of measures that will contribute to increased efficiency where energy use is concerned.
In its present form, the report will contribute to further liberalisation of the capital markets, in spite of the fact that what is most important is to restrain them.
Once adopted, the directive will ensure better anticipation of crises and will contribute to developing a positive attitude towards change by both management and workers.
Lastly, on contributions to the fund, we believe that those who own and charter the ships should also have to contribute to this fund.
We have a shared responsibility to meet global challenges and contribute to a more peaceful and more democratic world as well as to work for a dynamic multilateral trade system.
The obligation to complement the growing of cereals with legumes and fodder crops in order to receive subsidies can thus contribute towards establishing ecological cycles and improving the soil.
Well then, in my opinion, it is extremely important to break this vicious circle, and we can only hope that the resolution will contribute to doing so.
Similarly, we must point out the fallacy of the assertion of commercial interests that their forestry clearance activities contribute to combating the greenhouse effect.
We are stepping up our willingness to examine how we can contribute to the future work of the international criminal court through cooperation, aid and support in all areas.