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uk /ˈkʌl.tʃər/ us /ˈkʌl.tʃɚ/

culture noun (WAY OF LIFE)

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culture noun (ART)

B1 [ U ] music, art, theatre, literature, etc.:

You won't find much culture in this sleepy little town, I'm afraid!
popular culture (= the books, music, etc. liked by most people)

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cultureverb [ T ]

uk /ˈkʌl.tʃər/ us /ˈkʌl.tʃɚ/ specialized

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“culture” in American English

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us /ˈkʌl·tʃər/

culture noun (WAY OF LIFE)

social studies [ C/U ] the way of life of a particular people, esp. as shown in their ordinary behavior and habits, their attitudes toward each other, and their moral and religious beliefs:

[ U ] He studied the culture of the Sioux Indians.

culture noun (ARTS)

culture noun (ARTIFICIAL GROWTH)

biology [ C ] the growing of a group of microorganisms (= very small organisms) or other cells in an artificial environment for scientific purposes, or a group of organisms so grown

cultureverb [ T ]


culture verb [ T ] (GROW ARTIFICIALLY)

biology to grow cells, bacteria, or similar things for scientific purposes

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“culture” in Business English

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uk /ˈkʌltʃər/ us

[ C or U ] the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time:

You will need time to get used to working in a different culture.
In today's culture, wireless is part of our daily lives.

[ C or U ] WORKPLACE the ideas and ways of working that are typical for an organization, and that affect how it does business and how its employees behave:

culture (of sth) Where I work there's a culture of collaboration.
build/develop/foster, etc. a culture Our aim was to foster a culture of innovation at all levels in the company.
business/company/management culture This is a handy guide to the management culture in the countries with which we do business.

[ U ] PRODUCTION the growing of crops:

The conditions in the area are ideal for vegetable culture.

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In this sense, the report which has been submitted to us is a step in the right direction because, for nature as well as for culture, diversity means life.
The programme contributes to creating a common legal and administrative culture for the handling of the phenomenon of migration based on our principles and values of respect for people.
We should not forget that the role played by the state as a patron of culture has always been significant, but never crucial.
European education and culture, traditionally characterised by cultural diversity, have every opportunity to thrive in an open world market and indirectly to support minority cultures, in particular.
The diversity and quality of culture and the capacity to participate in cultural creation are elements of a democratic society that cannot be ignored.
I think it would be a very good idea to make the funding of cultural organisations part of the new culture programme in preparation.
What, for example, is the cost of a long-hours culture in terms of damage to family life, damage to children and marital dysfunction?
Such silence hands the rule of law to thugs and to those who can feel powerful only by creating a culture of fear.
In a society in which everything can be bought and sold, culture is in immediate danger of commercialisation, which changes its nature.
Under these conditions, approaching culture in terms of the industry, the market and added value, as if we were talking about cars or oranges, is very dangerous.