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“deal” in British English

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uk /diːl/ us /diːl/

deal noun (AGREEMENT)

B2 [ C ] an agreement or an arrangement, especially in business:

a business deal
The unions and management have made a two-year pay and productivity deal.
I'll make/do a deal with you - you wash the car and I'll let you use it tonight.
She got a good deal (= paid a low price) on her new house.
Is industry getting a raw/rough deal from (= being unfairly/badly treated by) the EU?

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deal noun (AMOUNT)

a good/great deal

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B2 a large amount:

She spends a good deal of her time in China.
A great deal of effort has gone into making the software reliable.
They still need a great deal more money to finish the project.

deal noun (SHARING OUT)

[ C ] the act of dealing (= sharing out) something, especially playing cards:

It's your deal (= turn to deal).

dealverb [ I or T ]

uk /diːl/ us /diːl/ dealt, dealt

deal verb [ I or T ] (DO BUSINESS)

to do business:

We only deal with companies which have a good credit record.
slang How long had she been dealing (= selling drugs) before she was arrested?
slang He was suspected of dealing (= selling) cocaine.

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deal verb [ I or T ] (SHARE OUT)

to give or share out something, especially playing cards:

Whose turn is it to deal?
Would you like to deal (out) the cards?
[ + two objects ] Deal them five cards each./Deal five cards to each of them.
We have only a small amount of food and clothing to deal out to each refugee.
deal a blow to sb/sth also deal sb/sth a blow

to cause someone or something, usually a plan or hope, to fail or to be affected very badly:

The latest trade figures have dealt a severe blow to hopes of an early economic recovery.

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“deal” in American English

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us /dil/

deal noun (AGREEMENT)

[ C ] an agreement or arrangement, esp. in business:

They bargained with each other but finally agreed to a deal.
She got a really good deal (= paid a low price) on her new car.

deal noun (AMOUNT)

[ U ] a large amount or very much:

She used to talk a great deal about her childhood in Indiana.

deal noun (GIVING OUT)

[ C ] a turn to give out playing cards:

It’s your deal.

dealverb [ I/T ]

us /dil/ past tense and past participle dealt /delt/

deal verb [ I/T ] (HAVE AGREEMENT)

to do business with or be involved with someone or something:

[ I ] We only deal with companies that have a good credit record.
[ I ] They mainly deal in (= buy and sell) mutual funds.

deal verb [ I/T ] (GIVE OUT)

to give or give out something, esp. playing cards:

[ I/T ] Whose turn is it to deal (the cards)?
[ T ] fig. Tonight’s defeat dealt a blow to (= damaged) her hopes of making it to the finals.

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“deal” in Business English

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dealnoun [ C ]

uk /diːl/ us

an agreement or arrangement made between two people or companies:

do/make a deal A spokeswoman for the agency said they would not give any further information until they are close to making a deal.
cut/strike a deal After several weeks of talks no deal has been struck.
close/seal a deal They anticipate closing the deal in 60 to 90 days, pending environmental and financial reviews.
back out of/pull out of a deal He suspected them of trying to back out of the deal.
Green only goes into business deals if he can see a way of turning a problem into a profit.
The President's team has been very active in pushing trade deals.
We did a great deal with our suppliers.
The proposed deal between the two companies had fallen through.
a £20 million/$14bn, etc. deal Stannard bought the company in a £20 million deal.
a deal to do sth This week the company concluded a deal to sell 313 of its stores.

a good, or lower than usual, price:

a good/excellent, etc. deal I got a good deal on my new phone contract.
a deal on sth The hotel also offers deals on the hire of bicycles.
a done deal

an agreement or arrangement that has been made and is now certain to happen:

The takeover is far from a done deal.

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