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“defect” in British English

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defectnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈdiː.fekt/ us /ˈdiː.fekt/

C1 a fault or problem in something or someone that spoils that thing or person or causes it, him, or her not to work correctly:

All the company's aircraft have been grounded, after a defect in the engine cooling system was discovered.
There are so many defects in our education system.
It's a character defect in her that she can't ever admit she's wrong.

a physical condition in which something is wrong with a part of someone's body:

She suffers from a heart/sight/speech defect.
The drug has been shown to cause birth defects.
Cystic fibrosis is caused by a genetic defect.

defectverb [ I ]

uk /dɪˈfekt/ us /dɪˈfekt/
noun [ C ] uk /dɪˈfek.tər/ us /dɪˈfek.tɚ/

She was one of many Communist Party defectors.

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“defect” in American English

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defectnoun [ C ]

us /ˈdi·fekt, dɪˈfekt/

defect noun [ C ] (SOMETHING WRONG)

something that is lacking or that is not exactly right in someone or something:

The cars have a defect in the electrical system that may cause them to stall.
adjective us /dɪˈfek·tɪv/

I replaced the defective light switch.

defectverb [ I ]

us /dɪˈfekt/

defect verb [ I ] (LEAVE)

to leave a country or a group you belong to, esp. in order to join an opposing one:

Some of the mayor’s long-time supporters have defected to other candidates.
noun [ C/U ] us /dɪˈfek·ʃən/

[ C ] There have been defections to the US by several Cuban baseball players.

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“defect” in Business English

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defectnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈdiːfekt/ us

COMMERCE, PRODUCTION a fault that spoils something or causes it not to work correctly:

product defects
The report cited structural defects as the reason for the demolition of the building.
a major/serious/minor defect

defectverb [ I ]

uk /dɪˈfekt/ us

WORKPLACE to leave one company or organization and form or join another:

defect from/to sth Many of our sales team have defected to the competition.

COMMERCE, MARKETING to stop buying a particular product or service and buy a different one instead:

defect from/to sth Millions of customers defected to rival telecommunications companies.

POLITICS to leave your country or group and join another because you disagree with the ideas of those in control:

He's a pilot who defected to the United States.

Since the introduction of the new tariff, there have been fewer customer defections.

(Definition of “defect” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)