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uk /dɪˈspaɪt/ us /dɪˈspaɪt/

B1 without taking any notice of or being influenced by; not prevented by:

I still enjoyed the week despite the weather.
Despite repeated assurances that the product is safe, many people have stopped buying it.
despite yourself

If you do something despite yourself, you do it although you do not want to or although you know you should not:

He laughed despite himself.
She took the money from her mother's purse, despite herself.

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us /dɪˈspɑɪt/

without being influenced or prevented by:

The game continued despite the rain.
Despite her illness, she came to work.

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Despite all these misgivings, we shall approve the report at the first reading, because the benchmarking approach, which we favour, is included as an option.
The time referred to as inactive on-call time does not count as working time, despite the fact that the employee is at the employer's disposal.
Despite the provisions on adherence to good agricultural practice, which have been in force for years, the agricultural sector is still the most significant source of impurities in groundwater.
Despite this, it was decided to carry out, in a very select number of labour-intensive sectors, an experiment which would definitely not result in any cross-border distortion of competition.
Despite the fact that matters may be rather chaotic to begin with, something extremely good will emerge if we only have patience.
Despite this, there still seems to be goodwill, as is evident, among other things, from the proposal to release a number prisoners from each side.
We are aware that concern over a defeat, despite the general positive feeling, is prevailing over any inclination to table a resolution.
Despite its few tentative good points, the signal you are sending out by means of this directive is the wrong one, and it is being sent at the wrong time.
Despite our efforts at equality in the world of work, we can see that there is still a gender gap, amounting to some 16% of wages.
Well, despite the strong arm tactics and bullying we managed to have a debate, which is a small victory for transparency.