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uk /ˈdiː.teɪl/ us /dɪˈteɪl/

detail noun (INFORMATION)

B1 [ C ] a single piece of information or fact about something:

She insisted on telling me every single detail of what they did to her in hospital.
We don't know the full/precise details of the story yet.
She refused to disclose/divulge any details about/of the plan.
details [ plural ]

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A2 information about someone or something:

A police officer took down the details of what happened.
UK Can I have your details (= name and address, etc.), please?

[ U ] the small features of something that you only notice when you look carefully:

I was just admiring the detail in the doll's house - even the tins of food have labels on them.
It's his eye for (= ability to notice) detail that distinguishes him as a painter.
in detail

B1 including or considering all the information about something or every part of something:

We haven't discussed the matter in detail yet.
The book described her suffering in graphic detail.
He talked in great detail about the furniture he's chosen for the living room.
go into detail

B2 to tell or include all the facts about something:

I won't go into detail over the phone, but I've been having a few health problems recently.

[ C ] a part of something that does not seem important:

Tony says, he's going to get the car, and finding the money to pay for it is just a minor detail.

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uk /ˈdiː.teɪl/ us /dɪˈteɪl/

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us /dɪˈteɪl, ˈdi·teɪl/

detail noun (INFORMATION)

[ C/U ] a particular fact or item of information, often noticed only after giving something your close attention, or such facts or items considered as a group:

[ C ] We have a report of a serious accident on Route 23, but so far no details.
[ U ] I can’t go into much detail, but I’ve been having some health problems recently.
We know roughly what he wants to do, but we haven’t discussed his plans in detail (= considering all the particular facts).

detail noun (GROUP)

[ C ] a small group, esp. of soldiers or police, ordered to perform a particular duty:

A detail of five police officers accompanied the diplomat to his hotel.
adjective us /dɪˈteɪld, ˈdi·teɪld/

a detailed account/description

detailverb [ T ]

us /dɪˈteɪl, ˈdi·teɪl/

detail verb [ T ] (GIVE INFORMATION)

to give exact and complete information about something:

(Definition of “detail” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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