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uk /dɪˈvel.əp/ us /dɪˈvel.əp/

develop verb (GROW)

B1 [ I or T ] to (cause something to) grow or change into a more advanced, larger, or stronger form:

It became clear that he wasn't developing like all the other little boys.
The fear is that these minor clashes may develop into all-out confrontation.
Over time, their acquaintance developed into a lasting friendship.
This exercise is designed to develop the shoulder and back muscles.
I'm looking for a job which will enable me to develop my skills/talents.

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develop verb (START)

B1 [ T ] to invent something or bring something into existence:

We have to develop a new policy/strategy to deal with the problem.
The company is spending $650 million on developing new products/technology.

C2 [ I ] to start to happen or exist:

Large cracks began to develop in the wall.

B2 [ I or T ] If you develop an illness or problem, or if it develops, you start to suffer from it:

The study showed that one in twelve women is likely to develop breast cancer.
She's developed some very strange habits lately.

[ T ] to build houses, factories, etc. on a piece of land:

They're planning to develop the whole site into a shopping complex.

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developverb [ I/T ]

us /dɪˈvel·əp/

develop verb [ I/T ] (GROW)

to grow or cause to grow or change into a more advanced form:

[ T ] This exercise will help develop the shoulder and back muscles (= It will make them stronger).
[ I ] If Kareem keeps working hard, he could develop into a first-class athlete.
[ I ] The tourist industry is continuing to develop in the lake region.
[ T ] Your essay is good, but you need to develop your ideas more fully (= give more details).

develop verb [ I/T ] (START)

to bring or come into existence:

[ I ] Large cracks are developing in the wall of the house.
[ T ] George has developed an interest in archaeology.

If you develop an illness, you catch it or start to suffer from it:

[ T ] She developed a skin rash.

If an area of land is developed, it is built on, usually by a company that hopes to make a profit in this way:

[ T ] We have plans to develop the site.

develop verb [ I/T ] (PROCESS FILM)

to put film in chemicals until an image appears

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uk /dɪˈveləp/ us

[ I or T ] to grow or change into a more advanced, larger, or stronger form, or to make something do this:

They tracked the storms as they developed, and then began canceling and diverting flights.
The company later developed into a worldwide chain.
develop from sth (to sth) The project has taken eight years to develop from idea to fully-fledged movie.
Dual-side marketing is a new concept and requires time to fully develop.

[ T ] to invent something or bring something such as a product or service into existence:

In an era of innovation, they will need to demonstrate leadership in developing new industries and products.

[ T ] to think of and produce a plan or idea:

The bill calls on the Energy Department to develop a plan to cut gasoline consumption by 20% by 2017.
The group developed the strategy with Guyana's government.

[ I or T ] ECONOMICS if a country develops, it gets more industry and economic activity and becomes richer:

No country has ever successfully developed on aid alone.

[ I or T ] HR to learn and improve a skill, ability, quality, etc.:

They will have to be more flexible and develop new skills.

[ T ] PROPERTY to build houses, factories, stores, etc., on a piece of land:

Land along the canal was developed long before the existing flood walls were built.
develop sth into sth Property along coastlines has been bought and developed into resorts and vacation homes.

[ T ] NATURAL RESOURCES to take natural resources from an area of land, or to make it possible to do this:

Plans to develop an iron ore mine in the north-western region of Pilbara were rejected by the Environmental Protection Authority.

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Helping developing countries to develop their trade above all means helping the populations of those countries to try to live a better life.
All in all, we have here a solid package that will hopefully enable us to create some scope for the sector to develop.
We need to develop controls on satellite positioning and improve logbooks, and each state must establish substantial and adequate human and material resources.
Thirdly, security requirements are constantly evolving as networking in the community and computing develop further, electronic communications become more widespread and hackers become more adept at foiling security systems.
The purpose of a horizontal directive would be to freeze a number of areas which, as we know by experience, develop the whole time.
If the use of these antibiotics becomes commonplace, there is a risk that resistance to antibiotics will develop, and this would be undesirable and dangerous to human health.
We believe it is vital to develop measures which help to reduce, recycle and reuse urban and industrial waste by means of rational, integrated solutions.
To achieve this, as the rapporteur has explained, it is essential to develop independent official inspections and also to increase the responsibility of operators in the sector.
The second point concerns the question as to whether it will be possible to develop insurance schemes in the future for animal diseases.
We want to share, first and foremost, values, democracy, the rule of law and freedom and to develop new as well as existing instruments and policies in this framework.