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“discrepancy” in English

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discrepancynoun [ C or U ]

uk /dɪˈskrep.ə us /dɪˈskrep.ə formal
adjective uk /dɪˈskrep.ənt/ us /dɪˈskrep.ənt/

discrepant figures
discrepant opinions/views

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“discrepancy” in American English

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discrepancynoun [ C ]

us /dɪˈskrep·ən·si/

an unexpected difference, esp. in two amounts or two sets of facts or conditions, which suggests that something is wrong and has to be explained:

There were troubling discrepancies between his public and private opinions on how to balance the budget.

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“discrepancy” in Business English

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discrepancynoun [ C or U ]

uk /dɪˈskrepənsi/ us plural discrepancies

a difference between two figures, results, etc. that are expected to be the same:

A balance sheet review uncovered discrepancies totalling €30 million.
Shareholders questioned the discrepancy between pay figures in the trust's annual report and those shown in the accounts.
Employers will have 90 days to resolve discrepancies in their records.
a huge/growing/wide discrepancy
account for/explain a discrepancy An official spokesman refused to explain the discrepancy.

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From a budgetary point of view, their problem lies in the discrepancy between the payment appropriations and the payments which were actually made.
Therefore there is a great discrepancy between the reports of official bodies about the continuously aggravating situation and incidents and the reports made to civil organisations by the people affected.
Since a discrepancy of this magnitude cannot be explained or defended objectively, this discrimination cannot, and indeed must not, be sustained any longer.
Car dealers, in my country as in others, are worried about the glaring discrepancy between their scope for action and that of manufacturers.
The troika on the financial perspective, which we will experience in the next few days, and the subsequent summit once again draw attention to this discrepancy.
There is a great discrepancy here.
As for the technical discrepancy and the different equipment required, it should be pointed out that this is the least costly solution.
There is a blatant discrepancy here!
There is a digital discrepancy.
There is, however, a considerable discrepancy between the number of patients waiting for a transplant and the number of patients who actually receive one.