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dumpverb [ T ]

uk /dʌmp/ us /dʌmp/

dump verb [ T ] (PUT DOWN)

C2 to put down or drop something in a careless way:

He came in with four shopping bags and dumped them on the table.

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dump verb [ T ] (GET RID OF)

C1 to get rid of something unwanted, especially by leaving it in a place where it is not allowed to be:

The tax was so unpopular that the government decided to dump it.
Several old cars had been dumped near the beach.
Toxic chemicals continue to be dumped into the river.

to sell unwanted goods very cheaply, usually in other countries:

They accused the West of dumping out-of-date medicines on Third World countries.

specialized computing to move information from a computer's memory to another place or device

dumpnoun [ C ]

uk /dʌmp/ us /dʌmp/

C1 UK also rubbish dump, US also garbage dump a place where people are allowed to leave their rubbish:

I'm going to clean out the basement and take everything I don't want to the dump.

C2 informal a very unpleasant and unattractive place:

This town is a complete dump!

a place where things of a particular type are stored, especially by an army:

specialized computing an act of moving information from a computer's memory to another place or device

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“dump” in American English

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dumpverb [ T ]

us /dʌmp/

to put down or drop something heavy without caring where it goes, or to get rid of something or someone no longer wanted:

The ship was accused of dumping garbage overboard.
She missed too many rehearsals and was dumped from the cast.

dumpnoun [ C ]

us /dʌmp/ also garbage dump

a place where people are allowed to leave their garbage:

You have to bring household garbage to the town dump.

infml A dump is also any place that is messy or that you do not like because it is of low quality:

Why are you staying in this dump?

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“dump” in Business English

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uk /dʌmp/ us

[ T ] informal to stop using or supporting something or someone:

The group has dumped plans for a giant US takeover after ruling that difficult stock market conditions would prevent it raising the cash.
The star was dumped by the record label after a string of failures.

[ I or T ] ECONOMICS to sell goods so cheaply in another country that companies in that country cannot compete fairly:

The Commerce Department announced punitive tariffs against foreign paper manufacturers accused of dumping goods in the US below cost.
dump on sth The producers of the goods are claiming that foreign manufacturers are dumping on the market.

[ T ] FINANCE to sell large amounts of something that you do not want to keep:

As the stock rose, he dumped his shares, making $160,000.

[ T ] ENVIRONMENT to throw something away in a place that is not suitable or allowed by law:

Often the toxic waste is dumped in local rivers or burned, increasing health and environmental problems.

[ T ] IT to move information from a computer's memory in order to store it:

Dump all the data onto an external hard drive as a backup.

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In fact, together we want to put a system in place so as to avoid there being financial incentives to dump waste into the sea.
If we are to call ourselves civilised, we must now put a stop to this latest form of neo-colonialism whereby we dump our waste in poorer countries.
If we continue to dump to the tune of millions, this development will constantly be destroyed and it will result in social and ecological dumping.
Uncontrolled hedge funds and private-equity firms that buy some company or other, cherry-pick its assets and dump its employees on the streets - simply to maximise the investors' profits.
I am positively convinced that the responsibility for resolving the problems with nuclear waste should generally be accepted by those countries that dump these problems on the world.
Naturally, a huge plus point is that this means that nobody will need to dump oily waste directly into the sea for purely economic reasons.
First, we want to dispose of these eight million vehicles properly and, secondly, we want to dump as few as possible as landfill.
The rapporteur is right when she says that it is much kinder to the environment to produce compost and biogas from biodegradable waste than to dump it or incinerate it.
Not just to travel from one continent to another, but also to drill for oil, to extract other minerals, to dump waste and to generate electricity using tidal power stations.
At present, these institutions are behaving like parents who bring a child into the world and then dump it in the gutter and forget about it.