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uk /faɪt/ us /faɪt/ fought, fought

B1 [ I or T ] to use physical force to try to defeat another person or group of people:

There wereh children fighting in the playground.
The soldiers fought from house to house.
They fought with (= on the side of) the North against the South.
The birds were fighting over (= competing for) a scrap of food.
They fight like cats and dogs (= fight or argue very angrily and violently).
They fought to the bitter end/to the death (= until everyone on one side was dead or completely defeated).

B2 [ I or T ] to use a lot of effort to defeat or achieve something, or to stop something happening:

He fought the disease bravely for three years.
We need the public's help in fighting crime.
He fought against racism.
Vitamin C is thought to help fight colds and flu.
They had to fight hard for improvements to the road system.
One of the passengers was fighting for her life (= so ill or injured that she might die) last night after receiving multiple injuries in the collision.
With debts of over $2 million, the corporation is fighting for its life (= people are trying hard to stop it being destroyed)
I had to fight (back) (= tried hard not to show or produce) the tears when he said he was leaving.
The bank fought off (= successfully prevented) a takeover by another bank recently.
I was getting a cold at the start of the week but I seem to have fought it off (= got rid of it).

B2 [ I ] informal to argue:

I wish they wouldn't fight in front of the kids.
I could hear them fighting about money again.

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uk /faɪt/ us /faɪt/

B1 [ C ] an argument or an occasion when someone uses physical force to try to defeat someone:

Jeff's always getting into/starting fights.
The older boys broke up (= stopped) the fight.
UK I had a stand-up fight with her (= we argued strongly) about the phone bill.
Do you have tickets for the big fight (= boxing competition)?
He put up a fight when the police tried to arrest him.

B2 [ C ] a situation in which you use a lot of effort to defeat someone or achieve something, or to stop something happening:

We must continue the fight against homelessness.
He died last week after a long fight with cancer.
They put up a good fight (= played well) against a more experienced team.

[ U ] the wish or ability to fight or act energetically:

The team came out on the field full of fight.

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fightverb [ I/T ]

us /fɑɪt/ past tense and past participle fought /fɔt/

to argue with or use force against another person or a group of people, or to oppose something:

[ T ] Rebels have been fighting fierce battles with government forces.
[ I ] They’re fighting against some powerful organizations.
[ I ] She’s willing to fight for a more just society.
[ I ] Those two little kids were fighting over a toy.
[ T ] Gordon has been fighting an uphill battle to attract investors.

Two people who fight may be boxing:

[ T ] Lewis will fight Akinwande for the heavyweight title.
noun [ U ] us /ˈfɑɪt̬·ɪŋ/

The fighting lasted a long time.

fightnoun [ C ]

us /fɑɪt/

an argument, or an occasion when someone uses force to defeat someone or oppose something:

Isabelle is looking for a fight.
A patient’s attitude is important in the fight against the disease.
Have you got tickets for the fight (= a competition between two boxers)?

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