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uk /flaɪt/ us /flaɪt/

flight noun (JOURNEY)

A2 [ C ] a journey in an aircraft:

I'll never forget my first flight.
How was your flight?
All flights to New York today are delayed because of bad weather.
My flight was cancelled.

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flight noun (AIRCRAFT)

[ C ] an aircraft that is making a particular journey:

Flight 474 to Buenos Aires is now boarding at Gate 9.

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flight noun (MOVEMENT)

[ U ] an occasion when something flies or moves through the air:

an eagle in flight
Suddenly the whole flock of geese took flight (= started flying).
Modern missiles are so accurate because their flight is controlled by computer.

[ C ] UK a group of birds, aircraft, etc. flying together:

a flight of geese/swans

flight noun (ESCAPE)

[ U ] (an act or example of) escape, running away, or avoiding something:

They lost all their possessions during their flight from the invading army.
put sb to flight UK old-fashioned

to defeat someone and force them to run away

take flight

to run away:

The burglars took flight when the alarm sounded.

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“flight” in American English

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us /flɑɪt/

flight noun (FLYING)

[ C/U ] an aircraft trip, or the occasion of being a passenger in an aircraft:

[ C ] We’ll be arriving home on Tuesday on flight 147.
[ C ] All flights out of Midway have been canceled because of bad weather.
[ C ] We had a smooth flight all the way.

[ C/U ] Flight is also the act or process of flying:

[ C ] We watched a flight of geese (= a group flying together).
[ U ] Some people think that too much money is spent on space flight.

flight noun (ESCAPE)

[ U ] escape from a particular situation, or the act of leaving:

their flight from poverty
The flight of manufacturers to the South stripped Massachusetts of its factories.

flight noun (STAIRS)

[ C ] a set of stairs connecting one floor and the next in a building or other structure:

We had to climb three flights of stairs.

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“flight” in Business English

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flightnoun [ C ]

uk /flaɪt/ us

TRANSPORT a journey in an aircraft:

You should leave now or you'll miss your flight.
a flight to/from sth She is booked on the 8 a.m. flight to New York.
domestic/international flights The company operates eight domestic flights in Finland.
scheduled/charter flights The price includes accommodation and return scheduled flights.

ECONOMICS a situation in which people or goods move quickly away from a place to escape a bad situation:

He added that he didn't think there was a risk of flight of city employees.
A return of financial calm to the country should reduce capital flight.
the top flight

people who are at the highest level in a job or business activity:

With this movie he joined the top flight of Hollywood directors.

FINANCE companies whose shares are worth the most money:

Corporate news was dominated by firms outside the top flight.

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