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uk /freʃ/ us /freʃ/

fresh adjective (NEW)

B1 [ before noun ] new or different:

The original orders were cancelled and I was given fresh instructions.
Fresh evidence has emerged that casts doubts on the men's conviction.
We need to take a fresh look at the problem.
Your coffee is cold - let me make you a fresh cup.
There has been fresh fighting between police and demonstrators.
They decided to move abroad and make a fresh start.

[ before noun ] approving new and therefore interesting or exciting:

His book offers some fresh insights into the events leading up to the war.
We have tried to come up with a fresh new approach.

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fresh adjective (RECENT)

B2 recently made, done, arrived, etc., and especially not yet changed by time:

There was a fresh fall of snow during the night.
There's nothing better than fresh bread, straight from the oven.
The house, with its fresh coat of paint, looked beautiful in the sunshine.
She's fresh out of college and very bright.
The events of last year are still fresh in people's minds (= people can remember them easily).
be fresh out mainly US

If you are fresh out of something, you have just finished or sold all of it, so that there is no more left.

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fresh adjective (NATURAL)

A2 (of food or flowers) in a natural condition rather than artificially preserved by a process such as freezing:

fresh fruit and vegetables
fresh fish/meat
fresh coffee

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fresh adjective (AIR)

B1 (of air) clean and cool; found outside rather than in a room:

I opened the window to let some fresh air in.
fresh mountain air
I'm just going out for a breath of fresh air.

Fresh weather is cool, sometimes with wind:

It was a lovely, fresh spring morning.
There's a fresh breeze today.

fresh adjective (GOOD)

US slang good and attractive or stylish:

You're looking fresh!
fresh shoes
noun [ U ] uk /ˈfreʃ.nəs/ us /ˈfreʃ.nəs/


uk /freʃ-/ us /freʃ-/

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us /freʃ/

fresh adjective (RECENTLY GROWN/COOKED)

[ -er/-est only ] (of food or flowers) recently picked, made, or cooked:

fresh-baked bread
Elise is in the garden cutting some fresh flowers for the table.
There’s a fresh pot of coffee on the stove.

fresh adjective (RECENT)

[ -er/-est only ] recently made or done, and not yet changed by time:

The events of last year are still fresh in people’s minds.

fresh adjective (DIFFERENT)

different or additional; replacing what exists:

He’s got a fresh way of looking at old material.

fresh adjective (COOL)

[ -er/-est only ] (of air) clean and cool, in a way thought typical of air away from cities and outside buildings:

How can we keep the kids indoors when they want to play in the fresh air?

fresh adjective (CLEAN)

[ -er/-est only ] clean and pleasant:

fresh bed linens
the fresh smell of pine trees

fresh adjective (NOT SALTY)

[ not gradable ] (of water) from rivers and lakes and therefore not salty:

Rainfall is the sole source of the island’s fresh water.

fresh adjective (NOT TIRED)

fresh adjective (TOO CONFIDENT)

[ -er/-est only ] being too confident and showing a lack of respect:

Don’t get fresh with me, young woman!

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