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uk /ˈ us /ˈ

A2 behaving in a pleasant, kind way towards someone:

a friendly face/smile
Our neighbours have always been very friendlyto/towards us.
I'm on friendly terms with my daughter's teacher.
Are you friendly with (= a friend of) Graham?

A friendly place is pleasant and makes you feel happy and comfortable:

It's a friendly little restaurant.

A friendly game or argument is one that you play or have for pleasure and in order to practise your skills, rather than playing or arguing seriously with the aim of winning:

We were having a friendly argument about politics.
The teams are playing a friendly match on Sunday.

Friendly countries and friendly soldiers are ones who are not your enemies and who are working or fighting with you.

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noun [ U ] uk /ˈəs/ us /ˈəs/

friendlynoun [ C ]

uk /ˈ us /ˈ UK


uk / us /

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us /ˈfrend·li/

having an attitude or acting in a way that shows that you like people and want them to like and trust you:

They were friendly people.
She had a bright, friendly smile.

If you describe a place as friendly, you mean that it is pleasant and comfortable:

It’s a very friendly city.

If countries or organizations are friendly, they are willing to help each other:

Sometimes an ambassador will get too friendly with the local dictator.

Friendly is also used as a combining form to mean easy to be comfortable with or not damaging:

a family-friendly film

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“friendly” in Business English

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uk /ˈfrendli/ us

WORKPLACE, FINANCE relating to situations in which the owners or directors of a company are willing to sell it to another company that wants to buy it:

a friendly merger/offer/takeover The board is seeking a higher price in exchange for entering into a friendly merger agreement.
The friendly takeover will instantly force competitors to bring down their prices.

(often used in compounds) easy to use or suitable for members of a particular group to use:

Their website is particularly friendly to use.
a customer-friendly bank
a child-friendly working environment
We need to continue to make the shopping area more pedestrian-friendly.

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